I like to learn new things, but over the past few months, that’s gone kind of stale. So, in an effort to improve myself, I thought I might take the initiative and get back in the swing of things.

Here’s the languages I’m going to spend time with, and a short list of the goals I would like to achieve. In no particular order…


My biggest hindrance is using concurrency, everything else seems to be good. So I would like to wrap my brain around some practice examples just to make sure I’m applying it in ways that are real-world-enough.


I’ve dabbled with it enough to know that I like it, but not enough to be comfortable. I’d like to get there, along with the concurrency that it apparently excels at. I have no plans to make Phoenix a part of this, but if the course / book takes me there, then I will consider it.


It’s been years since I’ve focused on this. ES6 wasn’t even a thought. AJAX was a new, uncoined phrase. I’d like to get back up to speed. This might include Node.js, but unlikely. My goal is to get comfortable writing a JavaScript-laden page without using jQuery or any other tool.


I’ve been wanting to learn Elm for some time. I figure if I know the hard parts of JS then I can also see where this alleviates those problems. I’ve heard nothing but good things and would like to write a couple plugins and patch those into existing HTML pages.