2016 is fast approaching, and (per my previous post), I am working on learning some new skills.

The basics of using RSS feeds for audio

Pretty straightforward, actually. Found some good documentation from Apple regarding how best to setup iTunes tags in an RSS feed.

How to provide an RSS feed using a demo Rails app

It’s not too bad, really. An XML-based endpoint with the right tags, that pulls the correct data from the database. Add in some caching, and it actually isn’t very daunting.

Getting Comfortable with Ajax in Rails

It makes a lot more sense now, but it’s still a little more complex than I like. I suspect I will get comfortable with it, but right now, I still need to do some more exercises to make it less alien.

Comfortably hosting Rails in a non-Heroku environment

I’ve made the most progress on this subject. Everything is going quite well. I’ve gotten comfortable putting Rails 4 applications online using Openshift and working through some troublesome issues. I’ve got it working, and pretty reliably, so now I’ve got a great place to host apps that allows SSL at no extra charge (barring the certificate cost).