Unless you have automated deployment setup for Heroku from your CI server, you likely have to manually deploy it. And considering that we use computers to make our lives easier by offloading commands from our brain, offloading a deployment command seems simple enough.

Manual Command

To deploy the current local branch to the Heroku remote, you need to run this command, putting in the details yourself:

git push remote local-branch:master

Automated Function

The following defines a git-deploy method that requires only the name of the remote to push to:

git-deploy () {
  if [[ -n "$1" ]] ; then
    current_branch="$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD | xargs echo -n)"
    echo "Deploying '$current_branch' to $1:master"
    git push -f $1 $current_branch:master
    echo "Error: No remote specified"

Define a few aliases and you should be able to have a simple-to-remember command, that ought to be picked up by the auto-completion in your shell.

alias deploy-heroku="git-deploy heroku"

Then you can just run deploy-heroku in your terminal, and watch the magic.