I’d like a list of audio books, kind of like my games, but with less goals. Mainly, I’d just like to track what I am currently listening to, and the list of audio books that I would like to get to.

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Currently Listening To

  1. Modern Romance n. by Aziz Ansari

Want to Listen To (Owned)

  1. Wonderful Wizard of Oz n. by Anne Hathaway
  2. Ctrl Alt Delete n. by Mitch Joel
  3. Die Empty n. by Todd Henry
  4. Mastery n. by Robert Greene
  5. Remote n. by Rebecca Lowman
    • Book was great, and I now work remote. Should enjoy.
  6. Rework n. by Mike Chamberlain
  7. Yes Please n. by Amy Poehler
  8. Elon Must n. by Fred Sanders
  9. Reality is Broken n. by Julia Whelan
  10. Being Human n. by Robert Sapolsky
  11. Why Not Me? n. by Mindy Kaling
  12. Revolution n. by Russel Brand
  13. Think Like a Freak n. by Stephen J. Dubner
  14. Superbetter n. by Dr Jane McGonigal
  15. American on Purpose n. by Craig Ferguson
  16. Between the Bridge and the River n. by Craig Ferguson
  17. Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy n. by Holly Conrad
  18. Never Broken n. by Jewel
  19. Troublemaker n. by Leah Remini
  20. Notorious RBG n. by Andi Arndt
  21. Art of War n. by Aidan Gillen
  22. Color Purple n. by Alice Walker
  23. Ego is the Enemy n. by Ryan Holiday
  24. Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart n. by James Jenner
  25. Sex God n. by Rob Bell
  26. Jesus Wants to Save Christians n. by Rob Bell
  27. What We Talk About When We Talk About God n. by Rob Bell
  28. V for Vendetta n. by Simone Vance
  29. Deep Work n. by Jeff Bottoms
  30. Born Standing Up n. by Steve Martin
  31. The War of Art n. by George Guidall
  32. Off to be the Wizard n. by Luke Daniels


  1. Scrappy Little Nobody n. by Anna Kendrick

Coming Back To

  1. Anything You Want n. by Derek Sivers
    • Short and excellent
  2. Happiness Advantage n. by Shawn Achor
    • Got distracted…
  3. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? n. by Mindy Kaling
    • Got distracted…