I’ve been paid to write code since 2004. Most of that code has been PHP. Some of that recent code has been Ruby.

Last year, I attended ZendCon. It’s a large, annual PHP conference, thrown by the good people at Zend. I had a good time, met some great people. But when this year came along, I didn’t really want to go back. I wanted to try something new. Something different.

I decided I wanted to attend RubyConf.

As someone that has spent most of their career working in PHP, and having only recently (over the past couple years) started to make Ruby a part of my skillset, it would be fine to assume that I’m nervous. And I kind of am.

But then I am reminded about what I love about development, and I can’t wait to get to learn more about the Ruby community first-hand (I hear it’s awesome).

If you’re reading this, and you’re attending, I really hope we get a chance to meet up. Just look for the guy who loves business cat— I’ll try to make it noticeable.