1. Abyss Watchers
  2. Old Demon King
  3. Dancer of the Boreal Valley
  4. Oceiros
  5. Champion Gundyr
  6. Crystal Sage
  7. Deacons of the Deep
  8. High Lord Wolnir
  9. Pontiff Sulyvahn
  10. Aldritch
  11. Dragonslayer Armor
  12. Twin Princes
  13. Nameless King
  14. Soul of Cinder

Abyss Watchers

Old Demon King

Dancer of the Boreal Valley


Champion Gundyr

I was never able to catch my first run on video, but here’s my second run. Unlike on the first kill, this time, it was without parrying (a feat I thought nigh impossible).

Crystal Sage

Deacons of the Deep

High Lord Wolnir

Pontiff Sulyvahn


Dragonslayer Armor

Twin Princes

First Run

During my first run, the Twin Princes killed me consistently. Even when I wasn’t doing a NDR, I was not skillful enough to fight them efficiently. After something like 70 attempts or more, I finally took down the Twin Princes.

Second Run

My second run definitely showed off more skill, and I’m glad, because I really did not want to spend hours fighting them again.

Nameless King

So far, this victory is my proudest. This is the only time I’ve actually ever beaten Nameless King, and the fact that I did it during a NDR makes it even sweeter.


A naked dagger run is a type of challenge run I created for myself after watching certain streamers take down bosses with no armor. I wanted to do that, as well.


  1. CANNOT wear armor.
  2. CANNOT use a weapon that is not considered a dagger.
  3. CANNOT use throwing items to damage enemies that are not knives or daggers.
  4. CANNOT summon other PC or NPCs.
  5. CANNOT use magic.


  1. CAN use offhand weapons, like paired daggers or a parrying dagger.
  2. CAN parry and riposte.
  3. CAN work with quest givers during fights, like Siegward.
  4. CAN wear any ring.
  5. CAN use weapon buffs.