:package: Amazon

:moneybag: Donations

  • Meals on Wheels America 🍲
    • It made a difference for my mom and my dad-in-law when they were struggling late in life. I appreciate their work, so if you ever want to give me something but can’t think of what I’d like, this is a preferred option.

:credit_card: Gift Cards (aka If All Else Fails)

  1. Amazon Gift Cards :sparkling_heart:
  2. Xbox Gift Cards :green_heart:

:paintbrush: Art & Prints

  1. Taskmaster Series 8 Framed Anime Art 24”x24”
    • I love this version of Greg Davies and would absolutely love to have this on my wall.
    • Must be 24”x24”.
  2. XKCD Signed Print for Comic #150 - $15.00 [Online Only]
    • Please make sure to select comic “#150 Grownups” from the drop-down list.
    • XKCD # 150 - Grownups

:scroll: What You Should Know About Josh

Josh is a software developer that loves programming in Ruby and listening to Taylor Swift. He also enjoys the odd comic (Squirrel Girl, Gwenpool, Captain Marvel, Harley Quinn, etc), especially anything illustrated by Gurihiru, Jen Bartel, or Skottie Young.

He’s not a big fan of art books, or books in general. His audio book list is around 100 titles, and probably 5% of that he’s listened to, so those are out, as well.

He’s also not much for sports. He deals with depression and anxiety, and one of the few ways he enjoys himself is on his motorcycle, fully geared up and trying not to do stupid things on his 2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS (Candy Red). His need for anything motorcycle-related is non-existent, but the joy it brings him, well, that’s worth noting.

He does love video games. Right now, Xbox is his preferred platform (his beautiful, gorgeous, adoring and caring wife got him a Series X for his 42nd birthday in 2020). He doesn’t need anymore games or controllers. If you think he doesn’t have enough games, there’s about 60 installed on his Xbox right now, and Game Pass just keeps giving him more.

He also owns a Nintendo Switch (something he doesn’t use often, unless he’s starting a new farm in Stardew Valley), and an Oculus Quest 2 (with like, all the accessories. Like, all of them. Even prescription lenses).

So choose wisely! If an item is on this list, it’s probably because he can’t justify the cost or need. They are literal wants, not needs.

Use the given information wisely.

Taylor Swift - Dropping Hints